Introducing Our New & Improved Rewards Program

Coming Soon!

Get discounts faster!

$1 = 1 point

250 points = $5 automatically off your check

Sign-up and automatically earn 100 Points your next visit*

Receive a $10 discount your first visit during your birthday month!

Points are applied by giving your server/bartender your phone number or last name prior to paying.


To remain a rewards member please set-up your profile to get started and make sure all information is correct.

We are no longer mailing coupons and requiring you to bring them in!

You're Birthday discount is now $10 and will automatically be applied to your  check during the first visit of your birthday month! 

What's different?

We will eliminate all mailings & anniversary coupons. Instead, we've made it easier and faster for you to get money off your check by consolidating the lunch and dinner program into one! 

Now, every visit, no matter what time of day, contributes towards your discount!



Sign up and re-enrollment coming soon!

* 100 free points are issued to new and existing members within 30 days of enrolling in our program.